Department of Early Child hood Curriculum and Teaching Melhods

Faculty and Teaching Assistants

Amal Mohmed Qadah

Chil of department

Sahar Tawfiq Nasim


Ibrahim Mohamed Abu Zaid

Teaching Assistant

Amira Sabri Aabdulrahman

Teaching Assistant

Nusseibeh Gamal Abdel Aty Mohammed

Teaching Assistant


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Department of Early Child hood Educcatien

Faculty and Teaching Assistants


Somaya AbdaulHamid Ahmed Acting chief of the Depart ment
Gaber Mahmoud Tolba Professor Emeritus 
Walid Sami Hassan Jibril Assistnt Professor
Hanaa Attia Kamel  Assistnt Professor
Samah Ramadan Khamis Assistnt Professor
Amira Ahmed Haasan Assistnt Professor
Shaimaa Mohamed Mobarez Teaching Assistant
Amal Nabih Abu Yazid Teaching Assistant




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Department of Basic Science

About the Department

Offering a wide range of subspecialties, the Department of Basic Scienceoversees the department of Psychologyas well as the Science Education department.Subspecialties include:Physical Education, Music Education, Art Education, Arabic language, Foreign Language, Drama & Theater, Technology, Health, Nutritionand other core curricula required for kindergarten teacher's job.

These subspecialties are therefore indispensable for preparingkindergartenteachers; they are considered the basis for these departments' work. We treat these sub disciplines as closely intertwined.

Owing to the 'Applied' nature of Basic Science as taught in kindergarten Teachers' College,the four-year program is designed to prepare teachersfor kindergarten.

Faculty and Teaching Assistants

Nada Hamid Ibrahim Rammah Acting Chief of the Department
Khalid Hosny Akl Assistant Professor
Dia Eddin Mohamed Abdul Karim Assistant Professor
Fatima Shehta Ayed Ali Assistant Professor
Wafa Abu El Maati Youssef Assistant Professor
Fayza AHMED adel Razek Assistant Professor
Intisar Al Sayed Maghawry Senior Teaching assistant
Reham Ahmed Afifi Senior Teaching assistant
Baghdad Badri Mohamed  Teaching Assistant
Samah Mohamed Hafez Teaching Assistant
Heba Assad Mohamed Teaching Assistant
Marwa Hassan Sayed Teaching Assistant
Ali Ali Mohamed Al-Bergessi Teaching Assistant
Roqaya Abdul Kader Sobih Teaching Assistant
Aya Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed  Teaching Assistant
Haagr Jamal Hassan Mohamed Hassan Teaching Assistant
Amira Ahmad Abdel Baki Shaukat Teaching Assistant



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