Department of Psychology

About the Department

The Department of Psychological Scienceswas established in 2007 at the time ofestablishment of the College, under Presidential Decree No 324.
Department Vision& Mission

Vision Statement

With the College mission statement as its guiding force, the Department of Psychology at kindergarten Teachers' College seeks to provide an exceptional scholarly and intellectual environment to serve our students and to create a professional learning community, focus on learning rather than onteaching.

Mission Statement

The Department of Psychology strives:
• To facilitate continuous improvement and growth of all teachersthat contributes to creating a positive school climate for child's learning.
• To prepare students for professional careers, to accomplish certain tasks or learning activitiessuccessfully.
• To expand students' knowledge and skills in most disciplines that will empower students for lifelong learning. This will lead them to expand their range of teaching styles.
• To create learning environments that excites students' enthusiasm.Enthusiasm is a very important quality, and a key to successful relationships with kindergarten children. Highly effective kindergarten teachers are not robots to teach. They in any real sense of the word are more human teachers; they have the ability to communicate, in a meaningful way, with the people around them.

Faculty and Teaching Assistants

Gamal Attia Kalil fayed professor -Chiel of Department
Saad Abdul Muttlib Abul Ghaffar Assistanc Professor
Abeer Abdo Abul Rahman Elsharkaawy Senior teaching assistan
Lamiaa Saad Ebrahim El Gharbawy Senior teaching assistan
Suha Abdul Wahab Bakr Abu Warda Senior teaching assistan
Al-Shaimaa Fathy Ahmed Adel Halim  Senior teaching assistan
Ayatoallah Nabil Mohamed Abdel Hamid Teaching assistan
Dalia Mahmoud Abdel Monim Khafagy Teaching assistan
Sara Abdel-Salam Mustafa  Abdel-Salam
Teaching assistan
Samah Talaat Ahmed Abu Zaid Teaching assistan
 Jihad Said Saad Ali Abdu Teaching assistan


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