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Student Services- Kindergarten Teachers College

1) Suspension of enrolment
The College may suspend a student enrolment in limited circumstances - generally those circumstances beyond the control of the student. Adjustment of due dates or deferrals of term tests or final examinations are not automatic upon the presentation of suitable medical verification. The request should be made during or in advance of the academic year so that it can be fully processed by the December 31 Deadline. You will need to submit supporting documents with your request. The failure to submit a timely request may result in a request being denied by Student Affairs Council at Mansoura University. These circumstances could include:

A. Students who are currently detained for political reasons:
The student can apply for readmission to the university after being freed.

B. Students who have mental illness and Chronic neurological diseases
The student has the right to re-enroll in college after treatment.
C. Military Recruitment
A student may suspend his or her enrolment until the end of Military Recruitment (both compulsory and voluntary military service).
D. Other cases not specified but logically falling into the same generalization, like:
• Child care: you are allowed to suspend no more than three times
• Parental care: students may apply for a suspension of their studies no more than three times
• Trailing spouse: If you are the partner of a trailing spouse, you may have to suspend your studies.
Requests for readmission consideration must be submitted to and approved by the dean.

2) Exam Excuses
Unsatisfactory attendance
• As stated in the KTC By laws students must attend at least75% of Classes to enter End-of-year examinations.
• At the request of departments, the college council may deprive students of their examinations if progress remains unsatisfactory, or student's absences exceed the allowable number without furnishing an acceptable excuse to the instructor of a particular course. In either case, the student will be deemed to have failed in those courses.

Medical Excuses
1. It shall be the duty of the Medical Committee of the University of Mansoura to consider and decide the possibility of accepting or rejecting medical excuses. Your doctor may refer you on to the appropriate  specialist at  Mansoura university hospitals. Students with psychological problems will be referred to a three-member tripartite committee of college of medicine ,all of whom are chosen by the Dean. All medical certificates issued by state-run hospital scan be presented to the medical committee. Examination Report and Medical Certificate must bear an official seal (or stamp).The medical examiner' s  handwritten signature and title is required on the report. Overseas Medical Certificate must be notarised or certified from a consulate/embassy. Any report to be issued by private hospitals or clinics will not be accepted.
2. Request for excuse should be received no later than two (2) calendar days after the exam ends. Application submitted after this date will be treated as cancelled. The requests hall  be submitted to Dean of the college. We will only accept either Personal service (hand-delivery) OR; Certified mail, return receipt requested.
3. Upon arrival of your request, the Student Affairs Office will notify you of a time and date for him/her to meet with the committee.
4. Medical Reports must be sent to the Student Affairs Office and Exam Committees as soon as possible so that we'll have enough time to make a decision before the exam results will be announced.
5. A student who becomes ill during the writing of an examination and is unable to continue should immediately report such illness to the proctor, who in turn sends the student for a medical check with the Designated Medical Practitioner .The PHYSICIAN'S REPORT is later approved by the committee chair.
6. A student who is unable, because of illness, to attend the Medical Committee should go immediately to the nearest government run hospital. You should notify the college where you are hospitalized. The college, in turn, will send your send your supporting documents for committee consideration.
7. No more than one excuse per semester will be accepted.
8. Off-campus examinations are not permitted.
9. The Dean shall consider the Student Grievances against the decisions of the committee and determine whether the student's grievance has any merit.
10. Missing university exam due to illness cannot be more than 2 times during your study period. In accordance with clause 80 of the law regulating Universities the Student Affairs Council, which has powers delegated on it, will grant the third time.
Non-medical circumstances
Tests/exams missed due to non-medical circumstances must be supported by appropriate documentation, i.e., death certificates, obituary notice, automobile accident reports, airline/bus ticket/receipt for emergency travel (with date of booking on ticket), etc. Unofficial documents will not be accepted.

3) Re-entry to examinations
• Deprived students will be offered an opportunity tore-take a final examination, as judged by the college council. Under this policy, the grade earned in the course will be entered on a student's official transcript and will be calculated into the Grade Point Average (GPA).
• Failure to pass the field Practicum exams will mean a fail grade. Third-grade repeaters or fourth Grade repeaters will only have to repeat the courses that they have failed.

Unexcused Absence from Written Examination
• A student who is absent from the written examination in any course shall receive the grade of Failure in that course. But, if the student submits (to the College Council) acceptable excuse, the grade will normally be altered and the grade obtained in the course will normally stand; the student’s cumulative average will be computed based on the repeat course grade.

• Re-sitting as an external student
Subject toArticle80of the Statutes for universities, a student may not remain in a grade for longer than two years. For BSc students (second-year, third-year and finalists only),a one-year automatic extension is  granted by the College Council to sit an exam for all failed courses. This means that he/she will become an external student. The Board may grant a one-year extension no more than twice. As a Bachelor’s student, you are allowed to re sit an exam for up to less than half of all your core academic courses until you pass.

4) General Instructions
• Assessment of these excuses based on non-medical grounds will fall within the remit of those Councils; the Council on Student Affairs and the college council. After examining the circumstances of each case, each council shall act within the limits of the powers assigned to it.

5) University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP): SHIP ID Card
The University requires all registered students to have health insurance coverage through U-SHIP. The Student Health Service (SHS) provides primary care services to Mansoura University students for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries as well as follow-up care as needed. You can obtain

a card by contacting the College Student Affairs (CSA). This will enable you to receive free treatment at Mansoura University Student Health Services (SHS). It is located on Mansoura University's main campus in front of Education College.

• how to obtain an ship ID card?
1) Fill out the application; submit it along with a picture to the SAO
2) Pay the application fee of 1.40 Egyptian pound (One-Time Payment)
3) Contact CSA to have your student card

6) Undergraduate Awards
Undergraduates achieving academic excellence at University of Mansoura are recognized annually. Recipients of these awards will each receive up to a maximum of EGP 84.00per year. Disbursement of all awards are contingent upon the availability of funds. The £84 reward payment will be paid in eight monthly instalments due the first of each month from October through May.

Review of grades and academic rulings
Review of Grade Procedures:
• Contact our office and/or fill out the Grade Review Form(GR Form), and return it to SAO.
• Your request will automatically be forwarded to the Dean of Faculty's Office.
• Approved applications are then forwarded to the Chairs of examination boards and examiners concerned.
• With the agreement of the Chair of the Examining Board, examiners shall review the student's examination answers. This review will verify whether the examination script has been marked completely and that all marks (including oral) have been correctly transmitted to the Board of Examiners. The review will not involve marking an examination script a second time.
• Applicants will be notified of the results within two weeks of petition submission.
Student Accountability Policy
Mansoura University has established standards of conduct, which are intended to contribute to a learning environment conducive to the accomplishment of its mission. Student enrolled at the college whether a resident or commuter both on and off campus may also be disciplined for any of the following reasons:

1. All actions that occur on University premises or property, that results in harm to persons or property.
2. Wilful disruption of the educational process.
3. Acts contrary to the honor and dignity whether inside or outside the university.
4. Breach of examination rules.
5. Theft of University property, facilities and equipment.
6. Student organizations that are unlawful or in violation of University policy.
7. Distribution, placement, and posting of unauthorized literature anywhere on any College site, including College bulletin boards and campus roadways.
8. Sit-ins inside a campus or participation in collective protest.

• Cheating on exams:
Cheating on the exam will result in an automatic failure, and students will be referred to the Disciplinary Council; other forms of conduct or action by a student may result in rendering the examination as a whole invalid.

• How do I apply for a student's aid application?
To apply for and to receive financial aid, complete the following steps:
1) Complete and submit your financial aid application to Student Welfare Officer (SWO). Your applications must be authorized by the Student Affairs Office and your local Social Affairs Unit. Their approval must be completed in order to submit the application.
2) Attach documents to your application (Parent's or Legal Guardian's Proof of Identity-parents' salary statement "If a parent is classed as an 'employee'- Statement of Agricultural Holdings " "If they (parents) live in a rural area"- Statement of Pension" If a parent is retired or deceased"
3) Provide documents to support your application (Treatment - Academic Books- Surgical operations- Prosthetic devices-Paying Dormitory Fee – Need of Medical Eye glass ,etc.)
4) Grade-level committees will be formed to review all applications.
5) To find out if you're eligible, contact Student Welfare Officer.
 University Dining Services proudly offers a variety of flexible meal plans to suit the needs of each NONRESIDENT (out-of-state and international). Although meals are available on a cash basis, plans offer a much lower per-meal cost and are therefore a better value. The cost of the meal is EG£ 3.00. If these conditions apply to you ,you can contact a Student Welfare Officer card to get your food coupon .Make sure you carry your ID or your college ID.

• Complaint-cum-suggestion boxes
All complaints are scrutinized by the management. We have maintained a Complaint cum Suggestion Box at various places that are clearly visible to all so that students can submit their valuable suggestion, feedback or complaints. We have placed a suggestion box at KTC's main campus. Another one is placed inside theatre number 10, Education College.



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