Student Welfare

Kindergarten Teachers College is unique among the Mansoura colleges in offering different sports and student activities. We are proud to be elite. The Dept. of Students' Welfare has been placed in a special administration since the foundation of the College. Its role can be summarized as the following:
a. Student Welfare service.

The aim of the student welfare service is to
(1) Help you work through the unexpected problems that sometimes catch you by surprise.
(2) Try to solve you economic difficulties through “Solidarity Fund” for KTC students.
b. Student Activities
Just as importantly, with our activities, we aim to

1. Develop a physical activity plan that works for you.
2. Present Sport and physical activity projects to the Student Union Board (SUB) to help plan these activities.
3. Support and assist the management and staff of the Students' Union in the implementation of these activities and overcome obstacles encountered. To achieve this aim the following objectives might have to be met:
a. Pay much attention to college students' extracurricular sports interests and hobbies of the students by providing the necessary capabilities.
b. Help you Organize and invest Your Free Time more wisely, productively and energetically. This will help students see themselves as leaders in their communities.
c. Encourage a spirit of public service and instill leadership skills in students through (Public Service Camps- Cultural Camps -Recreational Camps- trips ....).
d. Spread the spirit of fellowship among students and strengthen the connection between them and their teachers.

Student Union - Kindergarten Teachers College in Mansoura City
The KTC Student Union is a democratically elected body consisting of twelve (12) students elected from its six committees, 2 from each committee. Elections are conducted each academic year and the appointments will last for one year.
A. The main objectives of a student union are to:-
1. Develop moral-spiritual values and a new "national consciousness"
2. Accustom and familiarize students with the principles and methods of sound leadership
3. Spread spirit on campus
4. Help individual students discover and refine their talents
5. Allow and encourage students to form groups
6. Encourage students to be involved in student-organized events, community service, and a wide range of cultural, recreational, and social activities.
B. Student Council Terms of Reference
1. Setting up Students' Union policy in light of programs in the committees
2. Implementation and Follow-up of student council workplans that were adopted during the council meetings
3. Granting funds in line with the Council's grants criteria to support the activities of students
4. Adopting the Union's general budget, and approve its final accounts
5. Ensuring that all committees can better coordinate their objectives with each other
6. Strengthening bonds of friendship among all members of the University community
7. Electing from its own members their leadership, including the Secretary and Assistant Secretary
C. Formation of Students' Union
The Union is presided over by the College principal or her/ his deputy (ex officio members). A member of the Board, other than an ex officio member, shall hold office for a period of one year.
Union Council shall be made up of:
1. Chairs of Union Committees. The committee chair shall be appointed annually by the dean from among the faculty. This decision will be communicated to all parties in writing.
2. Secretaries and assistants. The Committee shall also include the Secretary and Assistant Secretary, all of whom shall be elected by and from among the membership of the Committee to serve for a period of one year. Our Director of Student Welfare attends Board meetings and he shall serve the Council as Secretary.

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