A word from Associate Dean for Environmental Affairs

Nada Hamed Ibrahem Ramah


Acting Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs


Associate Dean for Environmental AffairsAssociate Dean for Environmental AffairsService learning participation exerts an effect over and above that accounted for by community service participation. Service Learning is part of an education at the College for kindergarten Teachers and allows students combines meaningful service to the community with curriculum-based learning. It is now recognized as one of the most important themes through which the college can serve the Mansoura university-community as well as outside communities. Thus, the academic communities are placed together in the melting pot of civil society. So the college pursued new strategies for providing community services through measuring the real needs of society. Through our different outreach programs, The College prepares and implements plans rely primarily on opening up to the outside world.KTC Outreach Programs are a service that can be provided to the surrounding communities.

On this basis, The College works to achieve maximum student participation. We offer challenging academic programs that prepare students for what the community need and want. It can only be achieved by encouraging the participation of benefit recipients in Identifying and Describing the Skills Required by Work. Thus, we can evaluate and improve our programs we offer to break out of social isolation and tighten links between the educational institutions (government or NGOs) and civil society.
Accordingly, the College, represented by the Community Service and Environmental Development, takes bold steps to enhance exchange of education services with them to sharpen the graduates' skills according to market niche.
Ask Allah to grant you success



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