A Word From Our Associate Dean For Research & Graduate Studies

Amal Mohmed Qadah


Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies



Scientific Research is Fundamental in building Our Nation's present and future prosperity and security. It is really the only way to meet the society's own requirements and solve its problems. This can best be done through concerted efforts of future scientists. Such efforts should aim to provide them with the knowledge base and professional skills they will need to pursue a scientific career in their chosen field. They should be recognized for their hard work and encouraged to take responsibility.

So, the real beginning of Graduate Studies and Research at the Mansoura kindergarten Teachers' College must be overburdened with Responsibilities towards Research that reflect symbiotic relationships between research and teaching in higher education on the one hand, and other educational institutions on the other hand. The 2 areas are closely linked to each other: One without the other impairs the probability of success.

Therefore I would advise my college students to keep up to date with research in your field and gain more sources of knowledge to propel us forward.

In 2012 the kindergarten Teachers' College commenced postgraduate program. Since then, it is top priority to advance our research wheel and, ultimately, achieve our scientific goals and increase our local, national and international research networks.

All graduate students are welcome to our Website! We invite you to browse through our site and learn more about our academic opportunities we have to offer.

May Allah "Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala" guide us to the right path

Thanks for your time,
Adel Mohammed Geneidi
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies,
kindergarten Teachers' College,
university of Mansoura


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